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YUANFEN - The fateful coincidence

One of the things I love the most, in addition to music, are writing and the Claddagh ring that my parents bought for my 18th birthday, is undoubtedly learning languages. I speak four, other than Italian. I chose foreign languages when I was thirteen and I must decide my high school path: a language lyceum, and I could not have made a better decision. Thanks to French, I had the opportunity to meet amazing people, with whom I lived extraordinary experiences and who are now among the best friends I have ever had. Thanks to English, I could escape from unfortunate circumstances, for example, a bus missed and a hurricane alert in Ireland. Spanish helped me to explain myself with no filters, especially with people who would not have understood me even if I had spoken in Italian. Knowing Portuguese, the new arrival, allowed me to make contact with a Brazilian girl, who did not speak any Italian word, with a nurse of the pediatric ward. Because learning languages is just like loving the entire world: you have the opportunity to understand and be understood, to meet the others and to introduce yourself, to discover new cultures, to live a thousand lives and to rebirth every time.

This need to comprehend what is behind the cultural aspects of a society pushes me to inform myself as often as possible, to research online, to read many books and to write a minimum once per day. In this way, I got in touch with a Chinese polyglot who explained to me the word, which, in his opinion, is the prettiest of his mother tongue: “Yuanfen”, but what does that mean? I have no lost such a beautiful occasion. Yuanfen is the synonym of “karma” and “fate” – as you prefer. Nobody, effectively, can choose his own Yuanfen, but it is like a returning past, which always comes back into our lives, and ties each of us. Many studies affirm that Chinese people live in peace every event – it does not matter if it is positive or negative – because every coincidence is due to the Yuanfen and it is out of any individual human control.

This begs the following questions: why did I meet that person, in that specific time? What can they bring into my life? Why did I meet them and not everyone else? Why everything went this way, and not like I would have preferred? This is the key: the “fateful coincidence”, Yuanfen, decided it. Every aspect of our life is already written and nobody can run away. The first time I flew, I was terrified. Next to me, an Italo-German girl, who is used to flying since she was two months old, was sitting. I think that without her support and many speeches – which distracted me from what I was living – I would really have spent the most unpleasant hours of the trip. Probably, at that time, our Yuanfen was strong while now it is weaker, because today we talk rarely. Not that a long ago, I met in person (for the first time!) a French pen pal (more Pal than Pen, now) with who I maintained a chat online for months. Did Yuanfen make us to meet each other? I guess we will never know.

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