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Why is politics so important?

Every day, in magazines, newspapers or social media, we read people talking about some politicians: heads of state or government, members of the opposition, activists or members of various parties. Often these people, in one way or another, influence our lives heavily – even if it may seem strange to us – for example from the cost of petrol to the exercise of our fundamental freedoms. For this reason, and many others - which the reader himself might well grasp - it is necessary to follow the national and the international politics. And what if you are not interested in? Based on my experience, I have tried to write some advice that I consider useful!

1. Read the main newspapers - both local, national, and international - in any language. You must always be aware of what is happening around you and in the world of politics.

2. Follow the social profiles of all political leaders, without any distinction between those who feel closer to your ideas and those who, instead, are further away from your political sensibilities. In fact, it is even more interesting to read the statements of those who do not feel akin to your thought.

3. Do associationism. Politics is not only "party" but above all "civic". Experiment, get associative experiences. 4. Talk about politics. Discuss about political issues with your friends, with your parents or even on social media. Inform yourself and then express your thoughts, respecting everyone. Do not offend anyone, never: dialogue is always the best choice.

5. Study the forms of State and the forms of Government, “understanding politics” also passes by this kind of fundamental information. Compare the forms of government of the different States of the world: why is Italy different from the USA?

6. And, as a last advice... Follow the ICQ "Politics and Economy" area and subscribe to our newsletter for free, you will receive all the updates!

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