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Texas forbids abortion even in incest case

We all know that everything concerning abortion is highly debated and, in most cases, extremely divisive. As a matter of fact, everything regarding women’s rights is under constant discussion, even from people who would not belong in the conversation.

It is knowledgeable how the southern states of USA tend to be more conservatives, appealing to various thesis coming especially from religion. In more detail, Texas decided to cancel the law that guaranteed abortion rights for all causes by approving one that states as follows: all abortion procedures are forbidden if the foetus’ heartbeat can be detected. If that was not shameful enough, a note adds that all procedures are forbidden even in case of sexual violence (all kinds, rape included) and incest.

The entire community is kindly advised to report any case in their knowledge to the authorities who are then obliged to follow the law. Privates can now report clinics, friends and family of the patient, even the taxi driver how supposedly could take a woman to a clinic! As by now, complete strangers can decide over a woman’s body and are very much encouraged to do so by the idea of winning the cause and 10.000$ (and let us be brutally honest: they are all going to win).

Opponents, including former President Joe Biden, declare that foetal heartbeat occurs in a stage of the pregnancy where the mother could not yet be aware of the pregnancy itself. Furthermore, it so shameful and ridiculous that Biden describes it as “anti-American” in both spirit and justice.

This represents a clear state of women in society: everyone can have a say over their body but women themselves. It is indeed a step backwards in the chase of equal rights and I fear, it could resemble a new GESTAPO forcing women to look for clandestine procedures that could cost lives.

Articolo a cura di: Victoria Pevere

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