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Let’s reduce plastic waste together!

Five quick tips to try to consume less plastic daily. Let’s try them together!

Plastics are synthetic or semi-synthetic materials that use polymers. These very resistant materials, used extensively over the years, have literally submerged our planet, causing obvious problems like the pollution of the oceans and the risk – considerably increased – of death of marine organisms. In 2011, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, plastics made up more than 12% of municipal solid waste, while, in the 1960s, they did not even make up 1%.

Can we actively contribute to reduce plastics in circulation? Of course, it’s very difficult... but here we can find some advice!

1. Use natural fibre clothing and avoid synthetic garments: the smallest components – called microplastics – end up in the sea during washing. Then, these elements are ingested by marine fauna. Fish and turtles will thank you!

2. Use biodegradable, greener and cheaper straws. Alternatively, buy stainless steel straws, lead-free, rust-proof and scratch-proof, or bamboo straws, eco-sustainable, reusable, and durable. I use the bamboo toothbrush and it’s great!

3. Buy refillable detergent and detergent packages; or alternatively, use solid soaps and shampoos. Do you remember Grandma’s soap?

4. Do not buy plastic cups and plates but prefer new bamboo cutlery. Of course, disposable plates and cutlery are very comfortable, but excessively polluting. Also, do not use plastic bags to shop; instead, buy canvas bags which are practical and comfortable. You can use them over and over again, without asking "an envelope, please?" to the cashier.

5. Avoid buying too many plastic bottles filled with water. Use glass bottles, which are more resistant (even if fragile), and water bottles, now become fashionable again.

Each of us, putting these few tips into practice, can really make a difference! Do you have any other idea? In case, let me know: comparing is always the best solution!

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