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How to: women in business

Business world is - as a matter of fact - not a very inclusive environment, especially if you are a woman. Generally, women are considered less professional, less experienced and less suitable for the job. Why? Because, throughout the years, economics, mathematics, business and banking were not considered to be morally acceptable to be discussed by women, whose only interest was in taking care of the household.

Thankfully, the trends have been changing and today, in the scene, we can witness great female leaders setting and moving the market with great competence. In the following paragraphs we have collected some tips that – in accordance with their experience – have helped them become relevant personas in the field.

1. Empowering other women: even if trading is very competitive and all the participants in the market are actually competitors, women must show support and care to other female businessowners. Accordingly, women-led businesses need to cherish their female co-workers too: it means serving other women through a leading role.

2. Success must not be measured on income only: many people think that “being successful” merely regards a salary at the end of the month. It does not. A successful company is a company whose workers feel fulfilled and appreciated, a company that cares about quality, about physical and mental health, about inclusivity: a company that refers to itself as a small community of people.

3. Think outside the box: economics does not have fixed rules, as marketing can be very unpredictable (for instance, who would have ever thought about a pandemic striking in 2020?). This fact given, thinking too safe will not bring success: business conveys risks but history teaches us that none of the greatest would have made it, without taking the risk to really believe in their you-will-never-make-it ideas!

4. Diversity means innovation: diversity in all of its forms (gender, age, culture, nationality, faith etc.) fosters creativity which, among all figures and numbers, represents the unmissable brick in a business. The more brains storm on a certain topic, the more possibilities you get to have a great idea coming!

Even if businessowners are still mainly men, we must not forget honourable names of women who fought their ways to the top and whose companies represent a model for younger girls. Names like Chiara Ferragni (CEO of TBScrew S.r.L. and Chiara Ferragni Collection, Tod’s board of direction member), Martina Strazzer (CEO of Amabile Jewels), Cristina Fogazzi (CEO of VeraLab) deserve a mention and are setting the example for all those girls who dream of becoming powerful businessowners.

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