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Healing through art: paint over your pain

Who says that drawing is only a playful activity and that colouring books are necessarily designed for children? For decades now, a new form of therapy that uses art as a tool to treat mental disorders and freely express our emotions has begun to spread: the so-called Art Therapy.

In the Eastern world, adults have been coloring mandalas for centuries because they have recognized the benefits that this activity brings to the body, mind and spirit. This is precisely the tradition that inspired the birth of Art Therapy which, although not yet well known by many people, has received important confirmations from scholars in the psychological and scientific fields.

In fact, drawing has been shown to be an effective technique for releasing stress and driving away anxiety. When you colour, your brain enters a state similar to when you meditate by bringing out hidden thoughts and, in this process, the mind becomes clearer and able to put your inner disorder in order. It follows that colouring helps us to let go of fears, tensions, past thoughts, and leads us towards inner peace.

In addition to the positive effects listed above, here are other reasons why is important to consider this treatment method:

  • thanks to Art Therapy, we can easily remain focused on the present moment: even those who are not used to meditating will notice that the senses become more able to grasp even those nuances that we are not able to perceive when we are worried;

  • It activates a profound connection with our emotions, so much so that colouring becomes a journey inside oneself;

  • It is a valuable aid in the rehabilitation therapies of physical diseases because it helps people to reduce the effects of disability and to develop greater personal autonomy and social relationships;

  • It is a valid psychological tool for both adults and children in cases of bereavement, separation and school and work failures, because it allows you to find balance with the outside world.

So, what are you waiting for? Equip yourself with pencils and markers and immediately buy a colouring book to experience the effects of Art Therapy for yourself!

Articolo a cura di: Marijana Jovanovic

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