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Do not fear the change

In a lifestyle which is more and more dynamic and diversified, most of us are oriented towards a pursuit of happiness that takes place outside of our motherland. It doesn't matter if we come from a big metropolis or the last of the villages: our curiosity, together with a huge access to information, pushes us beyond geographical borders. However, some are more intimidated by the metaphorical borders, those which reside into our minds and create limits that we need to overcome and leave far behind in order to succeed.

Well, the secret to get over these fears is not in my knowledge, and it is undeniable that habits and the coziness of what we know give us a certain power and win over the anxiety of the unknown and the uncomfortable. On the other hand, I was often told to seem happy and at ease wherever I go or live so, given this humble qualification, I feel I want to share what I learn is the best attitude to handle a new life.

As far as my experience goes, the general idea is to embrace the philosophy of the just go for it. Essential and not a cliché, it means jumping and always following the path that leads inevitably to amplifying your comfort zone. An example is when learning a new language: do not wait to master the grammar, just throw yourself into the dark having no concern about making mistakes. I promise you, no one will judge you for your slips, if anything they will admire your determination.

Or again, if the problem is the prospect of not knowing anybody, the solution is to search for an environment that makes you feel good and not be afraid of trying new activities, avoiding being trapped only in your job or studies. Therefore, look for the nearest photography course, book events, dance classes, and just subscribe.

It is quite easy to end up hating a city because at the moment we got there we were not ready or we felt like we were stuck. But it is true that, at the end of the day, what matters is the experiences we live, the memories we create and of course, no need to say it, the people we meet.

In short, if you are feeling bored because you do not have a routine yet, get out of your pijamas and take a tourist walk through that city you do not feel you own yet. If you can, cycle to unknown paths. Drink something by yourself at a pub, or consider using technology to meet new people.

Well, I think you got the idea.

Change is not easy, but what it's even more difficult is seeing your fear of jumping into the unknown prevail on our personal growth and all you need to achieve it.

Articolo a cura di: Bianca Petrucci

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