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5 weirdest theories of our time

The world is full of variety and so are people, we all know that. That’s why when we listen to someone’s else thesis, we all try to maintain a certain respect, no matter how crazy they might sound. However, it must have happened to you to hear an idea so weird that you would find it difficult to believe that someone actually thinks it is true. The history of mankind is certainly full of conspiracy theories, pseudoscientific thesis, or even strange cults that a lot of people decide to embrace. Some would say that the human tendency to be attracted by conspiracy, for example, derives from the fact that in ancient time our evolution encouraged us to distinguish recurring pattern even when there weren’t and that is why now we tend to find a link between the fragmentary information we are exposed to or to sense frauds even where there aren’t. Doubting about common knowledge is not a bad thing, but not all the sceptical ideas we can find on the web are worth our trust. That’s why we decided to dive together into 5 of the weirdest theories that have spread on Internet.

1. The flat Earth theory

This is one of the most famous conspiracy and pseudoscientific theory of the last years. According it, the Earth is a disc with Artic circle in the centre and Antarctica, an ice wall, around the rim. They also states that the NASA guards the walls and prevents anyone from getting past it and falling off the disc. Change from day to night is possible because the moon and the sun are spheres that moves in circles above a still Earth. Furthermore, gravity is an illusion: objects do not accelerate downward but the Earth accelerate upward due to a force called dark energy. Ultimately, underneath the disc of our planet there is the unknown, maybe rocks. People who believe in this theory also claim that all videos and pictures of the globe are fake, although they still do not give a reason why the governments want to conceal the real shape of the Earth.

2. The phantom time hypothesis

This is an historical conspiracy theory developed by Heiribert Illig in 1991. Illig stated that a period of 297 years in the Early Middle Age was wrongly dated or never occurred at all, and was simply made up. According to this thesis, there are plenty of proof that from AD 614 to 911 nothing happened. One of the evidences would be that during this period, the Byzantine Empire went through an important reform of the government and still there are no documentation of that. The reason of this manipulation is that Emperor Otto III and Pope Silvester II fabricated the Anno Domini system retroactively in order to place their reign at the special year of AD 1000. Long story short, they rewrote history with the purpose of legitimizing Otto’s claim for the Holy Empire. If this theory were true, Charles Magne would have never existed.

3. The weird theories around the 5G

The 5G is a great innovation that should offer us a faster and more fluid experience when using internet. However, different crazy conspiracy theories have developed around it. The most famous one sees the 5G as the main cause of the COVID-19 pandemic, but a lighter and still pretty popular version sees it only as “generally bad” for our health, without any more specifications. In the end, there are even people who think 5G is the same as 4G, just rebranded to give some more money to the – not better specified – big corporations that control the world.

4. Forests do not exist

If you found these previous theses weird, wait until you hear this one! This theory is linked to the one of the Flat Earth. According to it, nowadays forests are just an illusion, better say they are an imitation of what a real forest should be. Thousands of years ago, in fact, a cataclysm destroyed almost most of the Earth’s biosphere, leaving us with the woods we have today. Real forests, however, were much vaster and bigger and to finds evidence of that we have to look at the mountains. In facts, according to this theory there is no such thing as mesas or mountains on our planet, mountain ranges were once great forests, linking humanity with the celestial sphere. Indeed, they look like tree-stumps, the only differences would be the size and the materials.

5. Blood over intent

This is a cult, more than a theory, and it was founded in 2013 by Mark Braun, a Youtube user who believed himself to be the reincarnation of Satan. He claimed he owned the so called “Book of life” where the names of those who will avoid an afterlife of endless suffering are written. The only way to get your name into the book is to do the Blood over intention ritual, which consists in spilling your blood in a piece of paper with your intentions and desires and post the video of that on Youtube.

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